Brain in / & the strobe : #HACKSTOCK - BEYOND 2017

May 05 2017 10:45 - May 06 2017 18:30

The Trampery Old Street, 239 Old St, EC1V 9EY London

“dream long enough and dream hard enough you will come to know dreaming can make it so...” William S. Burroughs

Luciana Haill & guests bring you Art and Neuroscience in a personal experience, with your eyes closed. For all cosmonauts of inner space, relax and float downstream!

Using 12 white LED lights in a flower of life formation, the lamp entrains your brainwaves into a desired frequency as well as giving you some amazing drug free psychedelic visuals designed to make you feel relaxed and get deeper into consciousness. Its purpose is to give you more energy, get you relaxed much faster and quicker with sound and binaural beats, to allow you to reach deep meditative states fast and without the training and most of all to allow you to boost your meditation practice by training your brain to go deeper, this has the effect of boosting any daily practice you do.

VIP tickets now available to allow you to control your synths / visual software with your own brainwaves with our recording made for you in #HackstockBeyond #SFL17, London May 5-6

Have your EEG recorded with Brain Machine (IBVA) the best bit is we will provide you with the actual raw data file as well as a video of your brainwaves. Some of the possibilities from the raw data of your brainwaves include: using each separate brainwave frequency ( Alpha, theta, delta, Beta, Gamma ) from the front of your brain (2 channels) as interactive controls to manipulate any MIDI parameter you like !

This is great for use in your projects like generative audio/visual compositions e.g. use a specific EEG frequency such as Theta to open and modulate filters, triggers, effect samples, shift pitch etc. The data is easily imported for you to explore in applications such as Ableton, Max/MSP, and visually with OSC, VDMX, Quartz composer and Fugio. Demonstrations of how to apply this will be available in the East room in The Trampery, Friday May 5th – May 6th, between 11am and 18.30pm.

We have two ticket types : for £10 you will have a 20 minute individual session with the Lucid Wellness Lamp ‘PandoraStar’ supervised by us (with unique accompanying music).
We also have a limited quantity of VIP tickets for just £25 where we record your brainwaves during your PandoraStar experience, save and export the data of your experience for you to take home and apply.

'One trip' ticket for £10 provides you with an individual sessions on the mind-blowing PandoraStar Lucid strobe light (20 minutes). If you need to specify a clear time, you must prebook and state the time, otherwise upon entering Hackstock come straight to the East room and take the next available appointment +/- a couple of hours. We will prioritise pre-booked tickets on the time sheet, and we will try to accommodate everyone as best we can.

You can chose the light intensity and the optimal frequencies involved to help you attain one of the 5 main goals from the lamp programmes : Motivate, LSD, Meditate, Out of Body and Relax.

The VIP option involves the additional recording of your brainwaves during your session and saved for you to see online and share for £25.

If you are unsure if its for you come and try a free taster session for a few minutes, we cannot guarantee sessions will be available on the day of the event.

A one trip deposit ticket ensures we will give you one trip session on the lamp, you will be asked to pay the remaining £5 for a general ticket, or extra £20 if you wish to have EEG as well.

We also have a Dreamachine setup in the room for 4 people to enjoy at anytime with their eyes closed.

05.05.17 One trip + EEG

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05.05.17 One trip / general admission

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05.05.17 taster ticket

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Anyday 0ne trip / deposit only

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06.05.17 One trip + EEG

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06.05.17 One trip / general admission

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06.05.17 taster ticket

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