Botanical Drawing with Jennie Webber

Jul 21 2018 09:00 - 12:00

The Culpeper, 40 Commercial St, E1 6LP London

The Event:

Celebrating our namesake, Nicholas Culpeper and his work as a horticulturalist, we’re hosting a one-off botanical drawing workshop in collaboration with Jennie Webber of Wildlife Drawing, to admire and document the edible flowers and produce that’s grown in our rooftop garden.

Jennie is a freelance illustrator, printmaker and exhibiting artist and creates detailed hand-painted etchings and drawings that celebrate the diversity and complexity of nature. In 2014, she set up Wild Life Drawing with the aim of reconnecting those living in cities with the natural world through the art of drawing.

The morning will begin with an introduction to the garden and the produce we have growing (expect an abundance of cucumbers!) and guests will be encouraged to select their subject matter. We will be drawing with pens and inks, focusing on the techniques of mark making to capture the fine detail and texture. The class will begin with a short media demonstration from Jennie, then guests will be able to experiment and have fun with the different materials on offer.

To finish off the session guests will enjoy an early lunch at the base of our 8-foot Gherkin incorporating some of the edible produce harvested from the garden.

Jennie Webber:


As the summer weather makes cucumbers grow abundantly on the roof, we’ll be serving up the big ones and preserving the little ones in brine to bring joy to the winter months. Across cocktails, dishes and workshops, the modest pickle will be elevated to a new height. Quite literally as we also unveil The Culpeper’s resident gherkin at the bow of the pub – a totem to celebrate the power of the pickle in physical form for all of East London to see.

Image credit: Veerle Evens

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