Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs

Sep 19 2018 09:00 - 11:00

Moor Hall, Moor Hall Dr, B75 6LN Sutton Coldfield


Masterclass boot camp for all entrepreneurs, if you are working currently and have a burning desire to set up your own business, or if you own a business and want to know more about cutting edge tips on how to expand, change or grow your company then this is the workshop for you.

- Public Speaking training - how to overcome your fears of public speaking (and become a first class presenter)

- How to start a successful business

- Strategy and planning for your business

- How to create amazing videos for Youtube and social media platforms

- Social media training - how to make an income from social media.

- How to grow your Social media email subscribers list - Youtube, Instagram, facebook

- How to become the "Go to expert" in your field

- Building up your network

- Facebook ads - how to create effective ones for your business

- Building an effective online business - to grow your business.

- Your mindset - how to maintain your consistency

- Marketing your business effectively

- Increasing your followers on Facebook and Instagram

- How to create an effective "Optin page/box"

- How to increase your traffic to your website

- Sales Funnels - how to set them up and use them effectively

- Content Delivery - optimising the best content to attract customers

- Monestising your business - how to make the your sales revenue increase

- Journalling - the benefits of keeping one

- Networking - Amanda Bourne - FindaBiz - Speaker

- Taking care of yourself - Callum Walker - Speaker

- The importance of amazing photography - David Gough - Speaker

- Live & Recorded webinars - promoting your business online

- Keeping a Daily Log for your new or existing business

- Setting an Action Plan - how to prepare daily, weekly, monthly for your time.

- NLP applying this to your business

- Mentoring and coaching (ongoing) after this course for all entrepreneurs

General Admission

Not Available