#BLOGTOBER: Listen With Monger Curates: BERRIES / Pattern Pusher / Seaker / Jamie Yost / Rosa Belle / 23rd October / The Finsbury

Oct 23 2016 19:30 - 23:45

The Finsbury, 336 Green Lanes, N4 1BY London

#BLOGTOBER: Listen With Monger curates @ The Finsbury

BERRIES + Pattern Pusher + Seaker + Jamie Yost + Rosa Belle

#BLOGTOBER Festival brings together the best of our online tastemakers to curate 31 gigs of elite fresh music for the whole of October.

Ensure you are signed for a free ticket for free entry because we can only squeeze so many of you in!


Pattern Pusher (Live)

Seaker (Live)

Jamie Yost (Live)

Rosa Belle (Live)

Doors - 7.30pm (Live Room)
Directions - www.thefinsbury.co.uk

Check out all the other blogs curating their own nights at #BLOGTOBER Festival via http://www.lostinthemanor.co.uk/blogtober

For all inquiries - chris@lostinthemanor.co.uk, giedre@lostinthemanor.co.uk

Free ticket Not Available