Bioenergetic Flow Technique: Unleash Your Energy!

Jun 30 2018 11:00 - 15:00

Bristol Subud Hall, 29 Wesley Pl, BS8 2XP Bristol

What if there was a way to release tension, trauma, toxicity and pain from your body, while at the same time unblock and optimise the flow of blood, lymph and energy?

Bioenergetic Flow Technique does exactly this.

Through combining ancient Chinese knowledge of the meridians with the relatively recent discovery of fascia, Bioenergetic Flow technique creates permanent change on all levels:

- Physically - When you release unconscious tension from your muscles and connective tissues, the strain is taken off of the musculoskeletal system, allowing your body to realign - immediately correcting posture while simultaneously building strength and true flexibility.

- Mentally - Poor posture has a negative impact on your state of mind, so by correcting how you physically hold yourself, you will mentally hold yourself in much higher esteem....and so will everyone around you!

- Emotionally - From a young age you had to learn to hold in your emotions, the energy of these emotions remain in your tissues and organs and have a hugely detrimental effect on your life.

Bioenergetic Flow Technique allows your body to release these emotions, safely and permanently, allowing you to feel how you really feel and to express these feelings appropriately and authentically.

- Energetically - By working with specific areas of tissue in certain parts of your body, you can unblock and activate your meridian system, allowing free flow of energy which results in exceptional levels of health and vitality.

- Spiritually - When you relieve your body of pain, tension and toxicity, when you unblock it's energy flow and activate it's innate intelligence, you will find it easier to access your inner stillness. The stillness that knows everything is perfect....the stillness that knows that you are perfect.


"I attended an intensive workshop with Brian in March and it was fantastic. I had learnt a few similar stretches before but being trained by Brian really helped me to optimise the benefits from each stretch, whilst actually taking the time to notice the changes on every level , from the physical lightness that results in a effective stretch, to the lightness of spirit as tension is released which can really calm the mind. The other benefit of attending the workshop was experiencing the assisted stretches with another person that allow for much greater releases. Cheers."

Nick, Somerset.

"This technique is fantastic. My thanks to Brian for his workshop which within hours had removed an almost permanently aching right side. Really looking forward to the next one.!"

Victoria, Sussex.

"I’ve recently started receiving regular treatments of bio energetic flow bodywork and felt immediate benefits in my physical and emotional health: increased circulation and energy levels, lowered stress levels and to great relief as an insomniac – I’ve slept easily and well after treatments.. As different parts of the body are worked on I could sense various emotions being released as Brian worked deeper into muscles layers. Sometimes tears, sometimes giggles but all stuff that needed to get out! I’m looking forward to more and also to learning the technique in the upcoming workshop."

Molly, Bristol.

"Brian is an amazing practitioner to work with, his passion and knowledge about how our bodies store trauma and emotions is exceptional. I have found the bioenergetic flow technique really powerful in releasing emotions (some that I didn't know were there!) and experienced a deep level of healing almost instantly during both sessions. Thank you Brian for introducing me to this technique, I'm looking forward to having more sessions!"

Bex, Manchester


Join us from 11am on Saturday the 30th of June in the wonderful Subud Hall in Clifton, Bristol for a day of intensive and transformative self love of the highest level!

You will learn in more detail the foundational theories of the technique before we delve deep into the practice itself.

You will leave with a new level of awareness, with a deeper connection to your self and with a greater understanding of how to become who you truly are.

I look forward to working with you - your transformation awaits!

Unleash You Energy!

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