BioBlitz 2018

Jun 02 2018 10:00 - Jun 03 2018 16:00

Morden Hall Rd, Morden Park, SM4 5JD Morden

A BioBlitz is an exciting event where experts help the public to find, identify and record as many species as possible within a set location and over a defined time period, ‘Bio’ meaning ‘life’ and ‘Blitz’ meaning ‘to do something very quickly and intensively’.

This event is led by the Morden Hall Park Learning team. It will be a free event for the public to join in.As in previous years, the event will include free walks, talks and lots of opportunities for visitors to record and learn about the many species found within a set location and time period. There will also be special ‘after hours’ events either side of the main event.

Free ticket

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