Behaviour, Learning and Trust

Oct 01 2020 19:30 - 21:30

What do our children need when we return to school, to their nurseries, to the new normal? The shops think they know what they need, the windows are full of school uniform, shiny new shoes, pencil cases, stationery- the list goes on.  

One chain of shops has asked the children what they are looking forward to: my friends, tricky maths problems, school dinners... but all the shops have missed the things that are most important.

Our children need B.L.T.

No, not that kind of B.L.T.! 

Whether you are a teacher or a parent focusing on three areas will help us all get it right for our children at home, at school or in their early years' settings when we return to Life after Lockdown. 

Our children will likely be feeling anxious, unsettled, facing new beginnings. These anxieties can show through in their behaviour and this workshop shows us how we can spot the signs and what we can do to help.

Getting learning right makes all the difference, how does each child learn best? This workshop helps us by offering simple tools to make learning fun, stimulating and just what every child needs.

This is the strand that we often overlook, especially when things get busy. At these unsettled and uncertain times we all need to know that we can once again begin to trust those things which help us feel stable, safe and secure. 

Join me for my live and lively online workshop B.L.T. to find out what we all need to have in place at home and at school to ensure the very best for our children as they return to their schools and settings.

Numbers are limited to ensure your voice is heard so book your place now to avoid disappointment.