Beer School - Advanced Brewing & Recipe Design

Jul 21 2018 09:00 - 16:00

Birmingham Brewing Company, Unit 15, B30 2PF Birmingham

Introduction to Brewing

Our beer school is a full day course led by our MSc Qualified Master Brewer, which will involve a combination of talks on the science and technique of brewing, as well as a guided brew on our 100L pilot kit. The day will begin at around 9am and finish around 4pm and lunch is included.

If you’ve brewed before, but feel lost in a sea of online homebrew forums and dusty old books about hops, look no further! Here we’ll take you from a hobbyist understanding of the process, and introduce brewing science to help you perfect your recipes. Want to learn about how to get a certain colour, bitterness, flavour, or ABV from your homebrew recipes? This is the course for you. You will walk away knowing how to deconstruct a beer, what ingredients make different styles and how to make something a bit different.

Advanced Brewing & Recipe Design

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