Be your own therapist - a hosted brunch with Health & Wellness Coach Emily Dawson

Feb 24 2018 10:00 - 12:00

Essence Cuisine, 94 Leonard St, EC2A 4RH London

There’ll always be hurdles awaiting in our daily life, which is why its important to be aware and adapt techniques that help us manage, overcome and learn how to work with them.

During this hosted brunch event with Health & wellness Coach Emily Dawson attendees will learn how to manage stress, anxiety and uncomfortable relationships or feelings in a manner that is easy, efficient and effective.

The morning will be split into a one-hour talk, followed by a meal and a green smoothie, finished off with a Q&A session.

Some of the areas that will be covered include meditation, personal reflection, thought and self care - helping you become your own therapist.

General Admission

Not Available