Be More, Do Better, But Don't Change - Roisin Crowley Linton

Mar 04 2018 19:00 - 21:00

Centrespace, 6 Leonard Ln, BS1 1EA Bristol

A solo show blending comedy, spoken word and story telling exploring Love with a capital L. All the tragic, sweaty, embarrassing parts and asking is it really so important?

Be More, Do Better But Don’t Change is a unique blend of achingly honest poetry, side-splitting stand up and personal story telling. Born from the frustration of constantly seeing Love with a capital L at the forefront of every film, TV show and piece of theatre, surely there’s more to life than falling in love? Right? Right?! Love might make the world go round but it’s getting a bit boring now. Be More, Do Better But Don’t Change talks about the non-romantic love that falls to the background of the great stories. The ups and downs of romance, the tragic bits, the embarrassing bits, the sweaty bits, the bits that nobody seems to want to talk about. The show explores the frustration of being a young woman in todays society; body policing, linguistic prejudice, fucked up families, mediocre relationships, begging your boyfriend to get back with you after he cheated on you and all kinds of big fat stinking heartbreak. Roisin Crowley Linton has been described as a “force of nature, funny, fierce, neurotic and ever so slightly opinionated.” And as “poetry for people who don’t like poetry”, Be More, Do Better But Don’t Change is a show that feels just like having a chat in the pub with your new best friend, if your best friend drank her wine too quick and told her intimate secrets to a room full of strangers.

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