Balancing breathwork London

Balance Performance Physiotherapy, 113 Gauden Rd, SW4 6LE London

This workshop is for anyone interested in breath awareness and conscious breathing for life change and self empowerment. If you are dealing with pain, fatigue, anxiety or excessive tension then deepening your connection to your breath is essential. if you want to reach your goals, achieve more with greater efficiency and frequency, gain more clarity and insight, be more decisive, resilient and generally happier, then deepening your connection to your breath is also essential.

Breathing techniques will be explored in an easy to understand way, instantly useable in daily life, and with the powerful support of a group, big leaps forward can be achieved. 

The facilitator Tony Clegg is an experienced communications & breathing coach, having trained in Mexico, USA and London under the guidance of Dan Brule ( personal mentor to life coach Anthony Robbins)

Please check here for further details:

Every Sunday 10am -11.15am in Clapham North

1st workshop is free when booking a second.

£16 Single workshop

£70 when booking 5 ( These do not need to be consecutive plus additional 1 free)