Awesome Coaching for Parents Workshop

Apr 07 2018 10:00 - 17:00

The Natural Therapy Centre , Spur Rd, PO6 3EB Portsmouth

My Awesome Coaching for parents workshop programme is packed with techniques and strategies which will help you to deal with and/or avoid tantrums, meltdowns and tears. You will learn how to teach your child's brain how
This workshop has been developed from proven psychological insights. More recent discoveries and research in the field of Neuroscience show us that our minds can develop and make connections with the right input. This workshop is intended to equip caregivers and parents help children to build the connections in their brains that promote emotional and social skills while enhancing a respectful and loving parent/child or caregiver/child relationship.

Contingent communication, building resilience, stopping meltdowns and increasing confidence are just a few of the subjects on this workshop.

You will learn

  • what is happening in your child’s mind
  • how to prevent tantrums, meltdowns and lies
  • how to help your child build resilience and confidence
  • how to help your child’s brain develop and grow
  • how to grow more connected to your child

You get 2 hours of FREE after workshop 1-1 support too.

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