Art Arcana

Jul 25 2016 19:30 - 21:30

The Dolls House Islington, 181 Upper St, N1 1RQ London

The internet seems to be fragmenting under the weight of what it once promised, connections fracturing. London is becoming a homogenised wasteland. Tower after tower after tower. Where is the real world? Our generation seems to be lacking a site, a location, a place to simply exist and talk and create.

There’s nothing quite like getting to know a new friend, collaborator or lover, is there? It’s never better than when you stand together, face to face, somewhere on the Borderland. Waiting for what will be, to be.

What possibilities await in no man's land, in the wasteland, where ghosts whisper the secrets of Borderland?

On Monday 25th July, immersive theatre pioneers and filmmakers, FoolishPeople would like to invite you to explore the theme of SUBLIMITY, the state and quality of the sublime. FoolishPeople's second feature is titled Sublimity and begins shooting in August.

The event will offer a space for creatives to convene and experience an exhilarating evening of talks, art, discussion and intrigue blurred with immersive theatre. Guests may even find themselves exclusive surprises and secrets hidden within the Borderland room.

Speakers to announced soon.

BORDERLAND is a twelve month body of work featuring film, theatre, workshops and trans-media social events. Celebrating the geographical, spiritual, sexual and liminal threshold states inherent to all cultures, BORDERLAND seeks to define how humanity experiences borders and interacts via imagination, ecstasy, dream and reality.


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