Aromatherapy for Beginners

Mar 04 2018 13:00 - 17:00

Body IQ Studio, 4 Canon Harnett Court, MK12 5NF Milton Keynes

For thousands of years, aromatherapy has been used to promote physical, mental and emotional health. It is a truly holistic therapy which involves the use of essential oils which are extracted from a plant’s flowers, leaves, bark or roots.The essential oils are used in various methods to promote healing, relieve anxiety and depression, improve quality of life for those with chronic health conditions, improve sleep and reduce pain - amongst a whole host of other benefits. Aromatherapy is natural, drug free and gentle way to improve your health and that of your family.

Join us in spending a delightful Sunday afternoon learning about and experiencing the powerful effects of essential oils and making your own product to take home!
Aromatherapy offers great benefits to our wellbeing, working to improve our physical, mental and emotional health. A trained aromatherapist has a vast knowledge of many essential oils and their individual properties, knowing how and when to use them safely. All of this can be rather daunting for the layperson.
I am Sue Jaycock, a qualified and experienced aromatherapist, and I have selected some of the most versatile and readily available oils and present this informative and engaging workshop which will give you all the knowledge, and importantly, the confidence to use them to benefit you and your family in your daily life. After this workshop you will have new knowledge to take home and use immediately.

This is a workshop designed for personal use only. This is not an accredited course. However, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

What you will learn:

  • how to use essential oils safely
  • how to store them
  • how and why they work
  • where they come from and how they are extracted
  • how to blend - learn about top, middle and base notes
  • methods of use - bathing, diffusing, inhalation, on the skin, etc
  • which oils to avoid and when - contraindications
  • how many drops to use
  • how to dilute essential oils
  • therapeutic uses of essential oils
  • look at 4 oils in detail

Not only that, you will even have the chance to make your own product such as a body lotion to take home with you. And all included in the workshop fee!

Essential oils have traditionally been used to ease muscular aches and pains and can improve circulation, and, because they can penetrate down to a molecular level they are extremely beneficial to the skin, helping problems such as acne, eczema and signs of ageing. Our sense of smell is linked with the most primitive part of our brain where instinct, memory and emotion is governed. Using essential oils can allow us to alter our mood from, for example, anxious to calm or from low to uplifted. In a world where anxiety and depression are becoming increasingly prevelant this is priceless knowledge and an incredibly powerful tool.

Join us for this fun and engaging workshop and gain some knowledge that can benefit you for life.

There will be essential oils and aromatherapy products on sale at this event.

What you will benefit from:

  • 4 hours tuition from a fully qualified professional Aromatherapist - take the guesswork out of doing it yourself
  • hands on time creating and blending - many of us learn better by 'doing' - have a go to gain confidence
  • essential oils, base lotion/cream/shower gel to create a product to take home - start benefitting immediately
  • refreshments - tea/coffee/biscuits
  • £5 voucher towards next workshop for either you or a friend
  • full workshop notes - reminders for you to refer to when you are at home
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • plenty of time to ask questions - small class size

Feedback from some of my past students:

"Excellent instruction, informative and good fun." OC

"Excellent course content, loved being able to make products" RC

"Very informative and fun." JJ

"I really enjoyed the workshop - well organised and easy to understand." ES

"A well presented workshop, activities made it even more interesting." SK

"We loved it! Very well explained." MB

Day/time: Sun March 4th, 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Limited availability - 10 tickets only available for this popular event.

Workshop fee:

EARLYBIRD if you book before 14th February £75.00 (save £15 on the normal workshop price)

(£90.00 after 15th February)

Any questions about this workshop? Please contact me.

General Admission

Not Available