ARIEL 2.0 - Felicita

Sep 23 2015 19:30 - 20:15

Auditorium Bold Tendencies CIC Floors 7-10, 95a Rye Lane Peckham, SE15 4TG London


felicita has a brain from this century, not the last one’ (Sasha Frere-Jones)

‘it’s clear that this is a new world.’ (Pitchfork)

‘tinkling crystal noises .. gossip-girl vocals .. arrhythmic kawaii starbursts.’ (The Guardian)

‘somewhere between the lullaby that rocks you to sleep and the nightmare that has you waking up screaming.’ (The Fader)

‘prances about bouncing synth keys and childish whoops and exhalations. ‘ (Dummymag)

Tami Tamaki

Tami Tamaki's gender ambiguous persona performs everything from lush electronica ballads to glossy techno-pop bangers and all the mystery in between. A very quickly rising underdog in the Berlin electronic music scene, Bold Tendencies is very excited to have him for his first performance in the UK.


Bringing together an international line-up of artists, ARIEL 2.0 is an eclectic programme of vocal articulations. From sung and spoken word to sampled speech and rap, this series of performances recontextualises the assortment of artists in the Bold Tendencies car park auditorium space. In so doing, it embraces the performative voice that is guided by computers, informed by online life and shaped by the forces of the information age.

General Admission

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