Andrew White - Coming of Age (WIP)

Feb 17 2018 19:30 - 21:45

Alderbury Village Hall, Rectory Rd, SP5 3 Alderbury

This is a Work In Progress of the below show, supported by some fab circuit acts:

In 2017, Andrew White debuted his first hour show, 'It Was Funnier In My Head', unable to legally drink, have a credit card, or even get into some of the venues he was set to perform in!

But now, he's back and ready to do it all again with a new found sense of adulthood...

Having turned 18, I embark on a brand new show, exploring what it means to be an adult and the world I am now 'grown-up' in. It will take a look at learning to drive, partying, keeping fit, bigotry, and the strange political environment we are currently in. It's a show that's not afraid to talk about what life as really like for a teenager facing the 'real world'; all of its ugly imperfections and occasionally beautiful moments.

Through stand-up, poetry, rap, and even experimental mime, it will be an entirely unique hour.

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All tickets: £5

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