An Introduction to Organic Container Growing

May 05 2018 09:00 - 11:00

The Culpeper, 40 Commercial St, E1 6LP London

The Event:

To coincide with our summer theme of preservation, guests will be given tips on how to grow in confined spaces, starting with something as small as a tin container.

Situated within PICULPEPER, on the The Culpeper Rooftop, our grower Janelle will offer knowledge on urban gardening and walk you through how to plant, grow and harvest a variety of cucumbers and nasturtium flowers in small spaces.

Over the summer you’ll be able to watch your cucumbers develop and thrive, mirroring those nested within our rooftop garden, before harvesting and pickling them when ripe.

Tickets include a lunch consisting of produce harvested by participants and served at the foot of our 8ft gherkin.


As the summer weather makes cucumbers grow abundantly on the roof, we’ll be serving up the big ones and preserving the little ones in brine to bring joy to the winter months. Across cocktails, dishes and workshops, the modest pickle will be elevated to a new height. Quite literally as we also unveil The Culpeper’s resident gherkin at the bow of the pub – a totem to celebrate the power of the pickle in physical form for all of East London to see.


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