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An Equal Difference by Gabrielle Motola

An Equal Difference by Gabrielle Motola

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Apr 29 2024 19:00 - 20:30


Project Description 

(This event will be recorded so  that our International Members can participate)

"An Equal Difference" (published in 2016) is an insightful photographic journey into Iceland, a land marked by its striking contrasts and efforts towards an egalitarian society, albeit not without its challenges. This collection brings to life the nation's breath-taking landscapes and its people, exploring deep societal and personal themes through the lens of portrait photography.

At its core are dialogues with individuals from varied walks of life, including politicians, scientists, artists, and educators. These dialogues move beyond mere interviews to uncover a rich tapestry of the Icelandic mindset. These encounters, steeped in hopes and introspections, are thoughtfully captured, presenting each person not just as a subject of a portrait but as a narrative full of complexity.

The book invites viewers to reflect on the nuances of gender equality, societal norms, and personal identity against the backdrop of Iceland's unique history and geography. It highlights the country's continuous struggle with its extremities and its quest for gender equality influenced by its history and environment.

"An Equal Difference" stands as a testament to the power of photography to engage with and provoke thought about the broad issues and individual stories that shape our world. Each portrait, enriched by its accompanying dialogue, opens a door to understanding the intricate balance of societal progress and the enduring influence of nature on human development.

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  • A brief introduction highlighting a background in psychology, cinema, and therapeutic photography, showcasing a unique blend of skills and passion for exploring human interaction through photography.
  • An overview of "An Equal Difference", detailing the inspiration behind it and its role as a platform to delve into societal structures, gender equality, and individual stories.

The Essence of "An Equal Difference"  

  • The journey of creating "An Equal Difference", highlighting the exploration of Icelandic society as a lens for broader themes.
  • The transformative power of photography in asking questions, understanding people and environments, and engaging deeply with subjects.

The Art of Portrait Making  

  • The evolution of interviewing and conversing with subjects as a core aspect of portrait photography, capturing intimate and revealing portraits beyond traditional methods.
  • Insights into directing subjects, creating a comfortable space for engagement, and how these techniques foster a unique connection, capturing the essence of the person.

Empowerment and Connection Through Portraits  

  • A deeper look into the empowering aspects of portrait work, illustrated with examples from the book and workshops.
  • The importance of empathy, active listening, and mutual respect in making portraits and their profound impact on the final image.

Navigating Self-Publishing and Crowdfunding  

  • Sharing the journey of self-publishing "An Equal Difference", including the decision to use Kickstarter, strategies for campaign success, and raising close to £20k.
  • Discussing the benefits and challenges of self-publishing, from maintaining creative control to managing logistics and distribution.
  • Providing practical advice and resources for photographers considering self-publishing, highlighting lessons learned and tips for crowdfunding.

Engaging the Audience: Discussion & Q&A  

  • Opening the floor to questions, encouraging a dialogue about the experiences, challenges, and rewards of deep engagement with subjects through portrait photography.
  • Facilitating a discussion on the potential of portrait photography as a tool for empowerment, understanding, and challenging societal norms, with a focus on themes explored in "An Equal Difference".

Conclusion (5 minutes)

  • A recap of the key themes, emphasising the power of photography to forge deep connections, foster understanding, and challenge perceptions.
  • An invitation to reflect on personal practices and how similar techniques and approaches can enrich work and relationships with subjects.

Biography: Gabrielle Motola

Gabrielle Motola (USA/UK) is an accomplished photographer, writer, colourist, and therapeutic photography practitioner. Her work navigates the complex landscape of human interaction as well as the intricate relationship we have with ourselves.

Using her camera as an instrument for personal growth, self-reflection, and social change, she probes our collective uncertainty and individual self-perceptions. Gabrielle unveils the connections we yearn for and the disconnections we often encounter while also exploring the internal dialogues that shape our self-concept. Her work advocates for improved communication and understanding, offering a profound exploration of societal constructs, mental well-being, and the relationship between boundaries, fear, trust, and self-belief.

To find out more about Gabrielle, this project and others please visit her website and social media site. 


An Equal Difference — GABRIELLE MOTOLA

Instagram: Gabrielle Motola (@gmotophotos) • Instagram photos and videos

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