Afriquoi + Ladies of Midnight Blue

May 11 2018 20:00 - 23:59

Cobalt Studios, 10 Boyd St, NE2 1AP Newcastle upon Tyne

Afriquoi = Live African Dance Music

Ladies of Midnight Blue = Powerful percussion and brass duet that will make you move!

”Afriquoi knows how to keep the adrenalin flowing and they more than lived up to their reputation as crowd-pleasers” Rooms Magazine

Afriquoi are a 5-piece outfit that take influence from UK house, funky, garage, dubstep and glitch and fuse it with traditional African melodies, harmonies and rhythms plus a dose of dancehall vocals. They have rocked Hoults Stage at Glastonbury and many other festivals, their sound is infectious, the beats are irresistible, the vibes are warm. Paired with our favourite local Afro-Latin percussion & brass duet, The Ladies of Midnight Blue - a powerful and upbeat fusion which reaches deeply into trance drum rhythms and produces a melodic sound this is a winning combination. Expect dancing.

“Yo this tune is not exactly up my street… it’s like, in my flat, in my kitchen and in my living room, just groovin n doin its thing bruv!!!!’ DJ Zhao, Ngoma Sound

“This shit is amazing” DJ Umb, Generation Bass

“Super tight mix of Afro and house” -Nikhil Shah, Mixcloud founder

”The band’s energy onstage is infectious” -Songlines Magazine


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