Activating Yoga and Meditation

Oct 30 2018 19:00 - 21:30

Cathcart Road , SW10 London

Join Neil and Annalisa for an evening of awakening in our new rainbow nest. We live in a great era of spiritual growth. Through yoga, meditation and mindfulness practises we connect with unity consciousness and activate our highest states of being.

Annalisa is a Jivamukti teacher who will lead you through an active yoga sequence of postures, where deliberative breath will be your first tool to explore what is happening NOW within and without.

Using specially prepared music you will be led to a state of stillness, balancing your body and mind : The Physical, Emotional and Intellectual. Finishing the yoga practise in Shavasana; ready for a guided meditation to activate the star-gate of the spirit world.

Neil is a meditation teacher and spiritual healer, who will activate our higher senses with breath work, and then channel healing energy into the group through a guided meditation. 

This night will guide you to connecting with your own innate powers and gifts. We will be healing the mind, body and spirit, opening you up to knowledge and teachings on the below:

  • Activating your innate power within DNA coding
  • Cutting negative emotional attachments
  • Yogic Chakra Alignment
  • Repairing your Merkaba
  • Ancestral Karma Healing
  • Lucid dreaming and Astral voyaging
  • Accessing the realms of the Super Conscious

For all who are ready we will finish with tea & biscuits, and story time, using the power of imagination to make our dreams manifest into reality.

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