Ace Hotel Moog Soundlab residency: Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard Performance

Aug 17 2015 19:00 - 22:00

Miranda, 100, E1 6JQ London

In 1964, Dr. Robert Moog introduced the world to a completely new type of instrument that would go on to change the course of music history and influence decades of future instrument design.

For the entire month of August Ace Hotel London has invited the Moog Soundlab studio to stay.

Keeping it company will be 7 Artists in Residence; each will spend four days and nights creating music in a bedroom with the Moog Soundlab, culminating in a live performance of their new composition in the hotel’s live music venue, Miranda.

August 17th will see artists and filmmakers Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard take the stage of an experimental live happening. Doors at 7pm. The performance will start at 8pm sharp take around an hour.

Each composition will be produced and experienced under the influence of Brion Gysin’s “Dream Machine” another 60’s creation, described by it’s makers as “the only work of art you see with your eyes closed”.

The Moog Soundlab is a unique studio of a wide range if Moog analog synthesisers old and new and includes one of only two existing re-engineered classic 1970’s System 55 modular; an original Taurus Bass Pedal unit along with modern day polyphonic Voyager and Phatties tower racks. The studio is a world class, self-contained unit that features audiophile quality monitoring by Bowers & Wilkins including 802 Diamond speakers paired with analog to digital converters donated by Prism Sound, and a Summing Mixer by Neve.

Which all in all makes for a unique creative instrument.
Seated ticket with Dream Machine Not Available
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