a sunbeam at The Hope and Ruin

Jan 13 2017 19:30 - 23:00

The Hope & Ruin, 11-12 Queens Rd, BN1 3WA Brighton

Half-home-coming inland conquerors 'a sunbeam' are bringing their newly built house of sound to Brighton for an evening of opening exposures. New music on a sun kiss stretched out in twinkling shards of light bandied about the room by an oversized disco ball - wanna come?

here's our song Peel

We're also really excited to have Marcus Hamblett performing on the 13th. Those in the know don't need to be told how interesting and atmospheric Marcus' music is, each time I've seen him play it's been a different set up and an unpredictable experience of rumbling emotions stacked together through effected guitars and synths. Sometimes a dance, sometimes a floating swim.
His first album is up for listening here:

General Admission

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