50:50 with Artistic-UK at the Crows Nest Gallery

Aug 03 2018 18:30 - Aug 23 2018 23:30

Crowthorne Rd, London W10 6RP, UK, Crowthorne Road , W10 6RP London

Join us for this groundbreaking FREE event

What we are trying to do is create a platform for Charities and Artists to work together in an empowering and productive way. We believe that the combination of these two very creative elements can produce incredible outcomes.

Artistic are having a huge show in White City (The Crow’s Nest Gallery W10 6RP) from 3/8/18 until 23/8/18 and we would really love you to be involved. The show is called “50-50”. “We will be embracing the possibilities of the future, in all their outcomes good or bad, the space in time where everything is both likely and unlikely. The uncanny!” Artists continually explore this “50-50” zone and expose the other possibilities for us all. They allow us to see the other side of the coin.

The idea of this show is that throughout the event charities will work alongside the exhibition of artists. Finding new possibilities and new ways of working. The venue is big and is in a really exciting area of London. Let’s make something impossible happen.

Each day is going to be charity/social enterprise-themed so that the focus can be placed on their concerns and specific issues. For example, we will have autism-friendly days where things will happen where there are more predictable and expected outcomes and we will have ambassadors of autism there to support autistic viewers get the best from the event and the workshops of that day. We are also hoping that artists who have an interest in those days or charities will also be there to work with everyone involved.

At the moment we are also shaping up a conference at the end of the show where all of the charities involved will get a chance to explore shared issues and possible solutions with guest speakers and valuable debates. We are also hoping to launch the beginning of a joint shared safe DATABASE that can be interactively accessed by everyone to support what we are all doing. Please join us and make something impossible happen.

03/08/18 Press Night and Private View

05/08/18 Marilyn Devonish - Unleash your Creativity

08/08/18 Anna Kennedy Online - Autism

11/08/18 Ollie and his Super Powers - Children & Mental Health, Joely Williams, Autism activist and Author

14/008/19 Fragile X Society

15/08/18 Free Life drawing sessions 2pm-5pm All welcome 6.30pm to 9pm Nude (over 18's Only)

17/08/18 Timetime@12 - We are campaign trying to end loneliness and bridge the gap between the elderly and the youth. Helping fight loneliness one tea bag at a time

18/08/18 Jennifer Joan Senhouse and Flora Fusion

19/08/18 Flora Fusion

22/08/18 Free Life drawing sessions 2pm-5pm All welcome 6.30pm to 9pm Nude (over 18's Only)

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