2019 IATEFL ELT Freelancers' Community Social

Britannia Pavillion, Albert Dock, L3 4AD LIverpool
Apr 02 2020 17:30 - 19:30
Tickets Free
Tickets Free

***** Tickets to this event are FREE *****

The ELT Freelancers' social event
IATEFL 2019, Liverpool

The organisers of ELT Freelancers' Community, Jemma and Helen, will be heading to The Smuggler's Cove for a cocktail or two from 5.30 to 7.30 pm on Tuesday. If you are coming to IATEFL this year, do come and join us!

It's just five minutes' stroll from the conference venue and the atmosphere will be very relaxed. Just stay for one drink, or get yourself some nibbles, or stay later and have something to eat

Don't miss this chance to meet up with your ELT freelancer friends, and meet some new ones too!

We look forward to seeing you at The Smuggler's Cove

Tickets are free, but are required so that we know expected numbers.

Please note that we'll all be buying our own drinks at this get-together. 

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ELT Freelancers' Community
ELT Freelancers' Community is a group of like-minded freelancers involved in the publishing of materials for teaching English as a foreign language. Come along to one of our events and join the network!
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2019 IATEFL ELT Freelancers' Community Social

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