1CDY x WWW: Trust & Transparency with Neliana Fuenmayor, founder of A Transparent Company

Feb 12 2019 18:30 - 20:00

Coal Drops Yard. Kiosk Unit 108, Stable St, N1C 4DR London


As Founder & CEO at 'A Transparent Company', Neliana Fuenmayor shows us how we can place transparency and trust at the heart of our business and ultimately our life.

In today's world, it's a challenge to build trust, and easy to lose it. Lack of trust is a major root cause for the complex world we live in and as the era of radical transparency its accelerated by the Internet and its applications such as social media, finding the balance between transparency and privacy can create anxiety.

Finding us:  

  • BeBox kiosk is next to redemption roasters on Lower Stable Street, N1C 4DR
  • From Stable Street... go down the steps opposite Granary Square Brasserie
  • From CDY ramp... turn right at the bottom of the ramp, past the back of Wolf & Badger
  • From the centre of CDY... take the ground floor tunnel next to Morty & Bobs and turn right
  • https://goo.gl/maps/Ekh5Eb5Xr3...


About Neliana 

Neliana Fuenmayor – is an award-winner designer, creative entrepreneur and consultant pioneering sustainable innovation advocating for transparency in business and especially in the Fashion industry. She is currently busy Introducing Blockchain technology for fashion supply chains. 

About Wild Winter Wellness

‘Wild Winter Wellness’ is a month long series of events and activations hosted by Coal Drops Yard and curated by BeBox, designed to help transform our perspective on winter, embrace the benefits of its elements and explore our inner world.

Studies show that at this time of year (often considered the most mentally and emotionally challenging time of year) we need more daylight and outdoor time as well as good human connection time to keep mental and physical stressors from our system.

Wild Winter Wellness contains gatherings, talks and breakthrough physical challenges to transform our physical, mental and emotional quality of life.

About BeBox

BeBox is a wellness tech studio creating immersive transformational experiences in the city. The studio brings together the worlds of art, science and technology with mind body soul, and is bringing mindful innovation to the stressors of our urban landscape.

Ticket price includes donation to our nominated mental health charity

GBP 10.00 + GBP 1.32 fee