12.12 Gateway Sister Sound Circle

Dec 12 2020 19:00


Let's gather together in sacred circle, hosted by our sister elder, & mystic mama - Lindka - to sing, chant, drum, share, laugh, meditate & elevate our consciousness, as one tribe, one group of golden goddesses...

PLEASE BRING YOUR CRYSTALS..IT'S A REALLY IMPORTANT DAY. 12.12! We're going to create a beautiful crystal grid.. 

We will sing ancient medicine song, mantra, open our hearts & voices, shine our sparkling souls on each other, & create a safe space to share what is on our minds..to let go of that thing you need to express that can be hard to discuss with close loved ones..

I personally feel so much relieve & deep inner peace from sharing what's on my mind & wish to continue to open this circle to help our sisters feel the same..

After singing, sharing, drumming, & beauty becoming... lie down, relax & we will soothe you with healing high frequency gongs, crystal bowls, & divine shamanic voice..

Trusting that women have been gathering in this way through the ages, & it is our birthright as divine feminine miracles to continue this ancient tradition, sharing, supporting, nurturing and honouring one another...

Bring a shamanic drum if you have one...

Master of high frequency, public speaker, founder of Cherabella instrument brand; dedicated to sharing the healing powers of sound with the world.