Oct 26 2019 11:30 - 14:00

MCP, 84 Eccleston Square, SW1V 1PX London

MCP STRENGTH SERIES - Learn To Lift Workshops. 

WORKSHOP 1- Squat + Bench Press (26th OCTOBER 11:30-2PM)

WORKSHOP 2- Deadlift + Military Press (9TH NOVEMBER 11:30-2PM)

These are beginners Workshops – designed to provide the best introduction to lifting so that you can train with confidence and make steady progress.
Perfect for beginners who are new to lifting or those who already lift but need to improve and refine their technique in order to progress.


-The fundamental principles of the squat and bench press.
-Technique for high bar and low bar squat.
-Technique for the bench press.

-The fundamental principles of the deadlift and military press.
-Technique for conventional and sumo deadlift.
-Technique for the military press.

-How to effectively warm up for each lift.

- How to tailor each lift to your individual limb lengths and body proportions.

-To better understand the lifts and to leave feeling comfortable and confident with each one.


Jason Coultman – Strength Coach

Given Jason’s extensive lifting experience, he has a huge appreciation for technical mastery and knows how to find the right technique for each individual he works with. 

  • -    Great Britain Head Junior Classic Powerlifting Coach
  • -       Competitive Powerlifter (competed in 2 British, 1 English and 1 IPF World Championships)
  • -       3 years International and National Powerlifting coaching experience.

7 years coaching experience in the fitness and strength and conditioning industry

Ryan Lea – The Yard Father
Ryan has a vast 5 years of experience in strength & conditioning that has led him to work with many people ranging from general population to athletes, combining real world results with science backed training principles, he prides himself on achieving the best results for each individual he works with.

  • 5 years experience coaching S&C.
  • Run past successful Barbell Clubs.
  • creator of MCP. 
  • creator of the "MCP strength series" including lifitng workshops, strongman, strength training and grunt work.
  • British weightlifting.