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Supply Change - 24.05.17

24 maj 2017 kl. 19:00 - 23:00

Skip Garden, Tapper Walk, Kings Cross, N1C 4AQ London

Beer Here Presents...

Supply Change: Reclaim your Consumer Power for a Fairer Future

Have you ever wondered - who made your clothes? Where did your dinner come from? Who built your smartphone, and who got paid for it?

We, as consumers, shape the society we live in. Every time we make a purchase, we are voting for the kind of world we want to see with our wallets.

Supply Change is a celebration of our power as consumers to build a better future. We’ll be exploring how broken supply chains impact our planet, our communities and the things we hold dear - our health, our finances, our rights, our safety and our politics.


Over the past 18 months Year Here fellows have unwrapped homelessness at Christmas, interrogated how to do bad for social good, and asked how your dinner can change the world. We're here to stretch your imaginations and help you gain insight into the curious world of social innovation, while enjoying a bev or two and good music to boot.


We will also be hearing from businesses doing things differently. Hear from ethical fashion labels such as Birdsong, Brothers We Stand and Juta Shoes. Feast on delicious veggie food provided by Migrateful - a London based culinary school employing migrants and refugees to teach their traditional cuisines to Brits. Learn how to join the food waste revolution with Feedback, and finally explore how fair tech can light up our future.

We will also be joined by Zander Sharp for some soulful tunes. Lend us your ears and give him a listen here.

Come and learn how to buy better, live better and do better - don't be the missing link!

Wednesday 24th May | Skip Garden, King' Cross

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