Use Snapchat to Add More Interaction to Your Event Promotion

Oct 21 2016

Snapchat is a great promotional tool for you event: it's interactive, low-maintenance and very easy to start with. You can set up the account for your brand or for your separate event and post a Snap QR to get people to follow you for exclusive content. Instagram Stories is moving in to that Live-Update territory Snapchat used to provide exclusively, however, Snapchat still has some unique features you can use to add an extra dimension to your event promotion.

1. Buy a Geo Filter

Have you ever attended a huge festival and noticed that they have their own filter on Snapchat? Well, Snapchat has now made an option to create a custom filter format, choose the area and the time your filter will be available for use, after the event is over, Snapchat will send you an overview for how many times your filter was used and how many people checked photos with your filter applied on them.

2. Interactive behind-the-scenes content

Use Snapchat to send daily updates on how your event is taking shape: introduce your audience to volunteers, show off any goodie bags that Early Birds can get if they buy tickets early, take a tour around the venue, interview the performers etc..

3. Exclusive shout outs & announcements

These are great for driving traffic to your Snapchat too (when you cross-communicate). You can inform your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter followers that you're going to make certain exclusive announcements over Snapchat & use your Snapchat QR, so they can find your account easier. Use this opportunity to reveal last-minute speakers/performers or give exclusive shout-outs to the followers from the starts of your event.

4. Interactive competition

Want to keep interacting with your guests during the event? You van create an interactive "treasure hunt" type of an event and post clues every now and then to get them closer to the prize. This is also a great idea for a pre-event ticket giveaway.

5. User photo contest

Need some original user-generated content? Ask your followers to send in Face-swap or any other filter photos to you in order to win tickets/goodies bags/other prizes you might have.

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