Stand Out From The Competition by Marketing Your Brand With Events

Oct 26 2016

Should you organise an event to make your brand/product stand out more among your competition? Yes, you definitely should. If you never thought of running an event as a part of your marketing strategy, here are just a few whys to show you why you definitely should start planning your first event right now.

Boost your online presence

If you're at the early stages of launching your brand, organising an event can boost your online presence in a major way by adding additional SEO, content and community interaction. And even if your brand is quite established, events provide for new fresh content to be shared and talked about online. When you create an event on Billetto, we make sure that your event is visible to all search engines in a proper way with automatic intelligent SEO, you don't even have to do anything yourself, but to create an event. Linking to your event page from your website will also give your Google presence a boost & getting people to talk about your event and your brand on socials gives you an immense boost - even before the event has started.

It's also important to maintain this online presence during and after your event to take advantage of all the content produced at the event (videos, pictures, attendee social interactions etc.) - all of this amounts to solid and positive social and online presence for your brand.

Enhance your word-of-mouth spread

Events help to spread a word about your event. If your attendees get a positive experience and if they feel engaged all way through they will be more inclined to recommend your brand and your events to other people. This is important, since most of the people rely on their friends' recommendation over anything else right now.

Build a community around your brand

Organising events on a regular basis (like gig series, talk series or series of workshops) is a great way to build a community of dedicated users around your brand. These users have a potential to become your brand ambassadors, encouraging others to attend (see above) and creating more value (and more marketing content & driving online presence) for your brand.

Establish your brand in your field

All of the above also helps you to establish your reputation in your field. When you're active and engaged in different marketing fields (events, social, community etc) your voice becomes an authoritative voice in your field, resulting in more online traffic, positive word-of-mouth and a good reputation.

Help your users to try and experience your product/brand

Want more users to interact with your brand? Doing a workshop or giving your users a trial run of your product (or intro to your brand) can provide you with just that. In addition, people who didn't even think they wanted or needed to interact with your brand have a potential to convert (by ending up at the event via word-of-mouth). Organising an event and allowing your attendees to interact with the product/brand also gives you an opportunity to run a hands-on user test to find out if you're product/service is as easy to use as you thought it was.

Get invaluable feedback about your brand

As per previous point - organising an event can help you figure out some flaws or strong points of your product. Another great way to get even more feedback about your product is to run a post-event survey, where the attendees can give you honest feedback about using your product/service for the first time and also to find out if events is something that works well for your brand.

What events can you organise? It doesn't have to be a party, necessarily, but it's a good start. If you're in start up business - launch parties are great for drawing attention of the right audience - peeps that like to hear about new companies launched.

Remember, events are not just about having fun, it's also about learning. Is there a skill that your customers can learn while interacting with your brand? Perhaps, you want to look into workshops, talks or sports events (it all depends on the brand).

If your brand is dealing with food, you might want to look into organising pop-up restaurants with recognised chef's or running a community kitchen cooking class, for example.

The possibilities are vast. Just remember, that you want your customers to interact with your product/brand, and attending an event entices them to do just that.

Inspired to create your first event with Billetto? You can start now. Or have a browse in our event community to see what events other brands are running and learn from the pros.