Meet M.I.L.K - Danish artist of Ja Ja Ja

Oct 24 2016

As with his delphian cover shot above, Danish singer M.I.L.K left us curious for more after answering our Q&A on day dreams and shower crooning. Copenhagen-based Emil Wilk arrived confidently on the scene last year with 350,000 Soundcloud streams of debut single ‘If We Want To’ - a true Scandinavian summer halcyon for which Wilk also directed the video. This Thursday he will headline Ja Ja Ja at The Lexington alongside fellow Nordic talent, having already secured an impressive London industry fan base in NOWNESS, The Line of Best Fit and SPIN. Meet M.I.L.K here:

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I grew up in… A weird place called Bornholm, where there were lots of tourists and I lived very far from my nearest neighbors.

When I was 14, I was hoping to one day sing a duet with… Michael Jackson

The first song to give me chills was… Whitney Houston ‘I Will Always Love You’

My stage personality is… The same as on every other day.

The song most played on my iTunes/Spotify/turntable is… ‘Got It Bad’ by Leisure

I would like to be remembered for music that was… Good news

Every day I… Daydream

My biggest inspiration has always been…Changing

I wish I had written this song… ‘Into My Arms’ by Nick Cave

In the shower I sing… I will always love you-uuuuuu

I would love to play a gig in this venue… The Orange scene, Roskilde Festival

This print/painting/photo is hanging in my living room right now… Orange scene, Roskilde Festival

Listen to M.I.L.K's dancefloor- new single 'U and Me' here:

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