Oct 16 2013

Sara Louise Thomas is your host at this weekend's Billetto Digs, a pop-up shop showcasing her up and coming East London clothing brand - WAISTE Clothing.

In a world where new fashion blogs seemingly appear overnight by the thousands, Sara Louise Thomas has managed to keep a good thing going and made a name for herself through her unique customised denim and now vintage clothing and jewellery - and extremely enviable sense of style. Sara's been busy expanding her vision into a business, and making her concept even stronger. Her bohemian, colourful, dreamy style ties everything she does together - expect to be immersed in the WAISTE world this Saturday as her online shop pops up in Dalston at Robert Kennedy’s venue Dalston Pier. We caught up with Sara to hear more about her journey and what we can expect this weekend at her first pop-up shop.

[Billetto] How are the preparations going for Saturday?

[Sara Louise Thomas] Great thank you, it's actually a lot more work than I thought to create the bohemian dream I wanted, but I'm getting there. I have a vision in my head that I can't wait to create, and now it's just sorting out any last minute bits before then, as I know I will have forgotten something!

[B] What was your approach to blogging when you started out? Or, what was your aim with the blog?

[SLT] To be honest when I started blogging it was more of a hobby than anything, an online diary of what I wore in the week, and people seemed to like my personal style so it grew from there. I was reading a lot of blogs where everyone kind of looked the same to be honest, and I thought I could offer something a little bit different.

[B] What was your first ever post?

[SLT] Nothing exciting I think it was just an 'About Me' or an outfit post!

[B] Making the leap from blogger to entrepreneur is a tricky one - how did you approach the transition, and how does your blog play into WAISTE as a whole?

[SLT] I have always customised and altered clothes from a young age, and after studying fashion design at university and gaining a job and valuable studio experience in the fashion industry, starting my own business doing what I loved seemed the next logical step. I originally wanted to keep my blog separate to my business as it seemed to be going in quite a different style to my personal style (I used to customise denim) but as I recently relaunched my website and brand so that it was more true to myself, I am lucky enough to be able to use my blog as a promotional tool. (And it is pretty much an extension of my own wardrobe too).

[B] What will happen on Saturday? How did the collaboration with Billetto come about?

[SLT] People will get a chance to step into the bohemian dream world of WAISTE for the day, and have a look and understand what we're all about. I handpick, re-work and make the jewellery all myself so each piece is special to me, and a lot of love goes into it. Thank you so much Billetto for giving me this opportunity and I hope everyone likes it!

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