More like Hallowin: 4 very real fears and where to confront them this Halloween

Oct 20 2016

A wise man once said: ‘The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.’ Day of the Dead and night of horrors; Halloween is around the corner and although that fact alone is enough to strike fear in the hearts of event the boldest Londoners, there will, unnaturally, be specific events themed to trigger our most spine-chilling of trepidations. You ain’t ‘fraid of no ghost? How about...


Oh yes, you are! Don’t let your doomsday-phobia get in the way of you having an epi(demi)c Halloween. Nuclear disaster or the plague, you will be dancing the night away like it was your last at Flames & Fortune’s contaminated The End of the World Party. Only one problem; there’s a deadly virus spreading across The World that is turning victims into crazed zombies. But hey, Y2K not?

End of the World Party, Electric Brixton, Obt 28th - get tickets


The demogorgon of the ocean, the dragon of the sea; anyone who came across this bloodcurdling home video earlier on in the week will be saying ‘nope’ to shark-inhabited waters across the world - evermore. May we suggest you face your fear on dry land and in a somewhat cosier setting? The famous East London Strippers Collective presents JAWS!!! A Halloween Special at Club Aquarium - the only club in East London with an indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi. That means you’ll still have to look out for dorsal fins, though. Need costume inspiration? Think ‘naughtical’, sailor.

East London Strippers Collective presents JAWS!!! Halloween Special, Club Aquarium, Oct 28th - get tickets

Don’t Pennywise me!

Carrie Bradshaw wasn’t wrong when she squirmed ‘Nothing’s scarier than a clown’ in season six of Sex and The City. All of suburbian Europe will currently agree. A known way to face your fears is to confront them in a confined space and we reckon a circus definitely counts, like Bourne & Hollingsworth’s The Dark Circus Party or if you’re feeling brave, Margate’s monstrous Screamland. Just don’t go down any sewers… you know, to be on the safe side.

Screamland, Dreamland Margate, from Oct 21st - get tickets


Big objects, crowded rooms and people in general; a rave ticks more phobia-boxes than Boxing Day shopping at Westfields. Just don’t go? No, introvert, you will be facing ALL your social fears at Milkshake Event’s MTV Horror Fest Halloween rave where your megalophobia will not be conquered by the huge venue and lineup, your social anxiety will talk to a stranger (bartender counts) and your enochlophobia will dance in the middle of the room (for, like, one song).

MTV Horror Fest Halloween, Building Six at The 02, Oct 29th - get tickets

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