Event Data You're Not Collecting (and You Totally Should Be)

Oct 24 2016

We already mentioned that collecting a post-event feedback is essential for you to work out the plan for your events to come and increase your future sales numbers. But, there's some information that you could be (and should be) collecting before your event even starts to help you add these extra touches to your event planning.

Extra attendee information

If you're organising a food event, it's a good idea to find out if your guests have any allergies or food preferences. When organising a sports event, you can ask your participants if they have any health issues that the organisers have to be aware of. All of this additional information that you possibly need to prepare accordingly you can add to the check-out process in order to be ready on the day.

Social media handles

Want to know who your attendees are? Or to define an influencer in your participant list? Ask for their social media handles: Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat - whatever is most relevant to your event. You can also send them a tweet or leave a comment to add a personal touch to their event experience.

Find out what your attendees do

Want to create a good "customer profile" for your typical event goer? Ask what their occupation is. You can create a drop-down list with a pre-set selection if you anticipate a certain type of an attendee to come to your event or just leave a blank field to let them describe what they do. This is a handy tip when you have an event that involves breaking people into teams as well, as you can download a list of people that signed up as one or the other and see if you need to push your promotion up for any set teams.

How did they hear about your event?

Want to see where your traffic comes from? You can already get quite good traffic analytics for all your ticket sales in Billetto, but if you want to dig deeper and hear where your sales come from (and possibly find out who your ambassadors are) you can also ask your ticket buyers to mention how they came about your event.

What are their expectations?

This is a really great piece of data: ask your attendees if they have any expectations for the event This information will help you understand if your marketing is working properly and if your attendees know what the event is about. It can also tell you if there's also something you're missing during your event preparations that the event goers are expecting to experience.

What would make their event experience more special?

An extra tip that can do wonders for your guest event experience. Quite literally. While the answers might come a bit out of the line of manageable, it will give you some great pointers to what could make your next event special and unforgettable.

No need to create a special form in the external apps. With Billetto you can add a form to every ticket (or a ticket order) and make it compulsory or voluntary - so your guest doesn't have to leave the check-out process - here's how. Start creating your event with Billetto now and add an additional form after you've created your event in "Manage" section.