Why Should You Add Tickets to Your Free Event?

Oct 05 2016

Organising a free event? Great! This doesn't mean that your event should nto have tickets available for it. Here are just a few reason why you should add tickets to your free event right now (it's always free to add free tickets with Billetto, too).

1. Limit your event space
If you're running a popular event but your event space can only fit a certain amount of people, you should add a registration with free ticket option to your event to limit the amount of people that can attend. Sure, you can close the doors when the venue is full, but this means turning people away at the door - and that just adds a negative aspect to your event experience. And if your event turns out to be so popular, that your free tickets are booked within minutes - it just adds up to the great promotional power for your event.

2. Collect extra guest information
If you need to get extra information from your guests: their dietary requirements for food events, fitness levels for sports events etc, you can use the free ticket option as a registration form to get that extra information for the day.

3. Get email addresses for future promotion
Everyone who purchases a ticket on Billetto must provide their email address, which you then can export in a file and use for your email promotion to update the attendees on upcoming events or provide them with extra event details. Please note, that's it's a good idea to mention the fact that you're going to send out a newsletter in the event description.

4. Find out who's coming to your event
When organising a free event, it's hard to know who's coming, how many and if they actually re going to show up. A physical ticket is a stronger commitment than a Facebook "like", if someone spends time entering their information for event registration - it means that they're more determined to attend your event.

5. Get detailed information on your event promotion
When you put your event on Billetto, you can automatically avail of the Billetto Insights feature, that shows you where your ticket "sales" come from: Facebook, Twitter or a particular website. This way, you know exactly where to focus your promotional efforts next.

Billetto is always free for free events. So, why don't you put your free event on Billetto now?