A Year in the House of Voga

Sep 18 2014

Follow a visual account of the explosion of the House of Voga, a fitness craze which is near and dear to the world of Billetto, having joined the site in our younger days way back in 2013.

Some time around one year ago, London got a new fitness craze. It was summed up with the aphorism: stretch and pose to an 80’s beat and it was, of course, House of Voga. The anthem? Anything from Madonna to Wildcats, dynamic dance to dreamy disco provided by DJ in residence Alex Gromadzki. The concept from founder Juliet Morrell was to add a cardio workout to her yoga and use the mat to it’s full potential, claiming all 360 degrees. Voga is "Paris Is Burning" worthy vogueing paired with the less up-beat ‘classic’ yoga posses and the goal is to express oneself. With the added bonus feelings of empowerment, confidence and having so much fun that we forget that you’re actually getting a full body workout.

We took our first Voga class last year and since then Voga has become House Of Voga, the brand. See highlights from Juliet’s journey here, including some seriously cool videos, and sign up for her classes on Billetto here.

THE BEGINNING: It started out like this, already looking cool as: 

LONDON: In London spaces like these with DJ Alex Gromadzki at the helm playing sweet 80's tunes. The poses are called Flamingo, Snow Leopard and Tigress.

CH4: Then Tim and Simon on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch got curious. They voga-ed okay, but Juliet stole the show. This was January 5th 2014.

GEAR: A franchise was born. An important part of vogaing is the outfit. Think shiny leggings. Think leopard leotards.

RETREATS: It was time to take the concept on the road and Juliet went as far as exotic Brazil to introduce Voga to the world. One thing that seemed to fit the concept well was a sea-side backdrop. The next retreat will take on Ibiza come October. Keen? Read more here.

SUMMER: Festival season hits and Juliet and Alex travel to Secret Garden Party, Lovebox and Bestival. It is unknown how well the hanging festival goers did compared to the London crowd, but it looks like it was a success!

BILLETTO: We also had the pleasure of House of Voga attending our own 10 Things You Need To Know About Fitness In London at Protein Studios in Shoreditch.

VOGUE: The trademarked workout got the ultimate stamp of approval by none other than Vogue, and things got really sleek with this Steven Jackson video.

POP-UPS: And if fashion calls, Paris answers. Juliet will be hosting a Voga session at mother of all concept stores Colette in Paris this Friday at their weekly Colette Gym. Other classes have included synchronised swimming!

MUSIC: Voga's resident DJ Alex Grodmadzki has been a part of the workouts from the beginning, creating the fusion soundtrack which carries moves from flowing yoga style through to speedy vogueing. He works under the name Midnight Radio. Check out his mixtape for a sampling:

AUTUMN: Next up for House of Voga is the Voga Body Ibiza retreat and a new run of classes in London at The Wick, The Bookclub and The Proud Archivist among others. Visit Juliet's Billetto profile to sign up.