7 Super Simple Tips for Making Your Event More Eco-friendly (and Saving You Money)

Oct 10 2016

It doesn't take too much effort to create a more eco-friendly event. All it takes is a few alternatives to your usual event staples that are also going to save you a lot of money on a long run. Here are a few tips to try out for your upcoming event.

1. If you're going disposable - use paper
Using disposable cups and plates at your event? Choose the paper (or wood for cutlery) alternatives. France has recently banned the use of disposable plastic crockery and cutlery - making a great example of just how much harm these things cause by accumulating non-recyclable waste. Real reusable crockery is always the best option, however not always practical if you have a larger event.

2. Think paper when using decorations
From paper straws to paper confetti - whatever little bits and pieces you choose for your party, choose paper instead of plastic.

3. Don't use paper tickets
let's face it, using paper tickets is extremely outdated anyway. This is probably one example where paper doesn't win. Use digital tickets, encourage your guests to bring their ticket on their phone app. There are more people that own a smartphone these day than those who own a printer.

4. Use LED lighting
You can get very creative with LED light or energy-efficient lighting - not to mention you'd save on electricity costs in the process. If you'd like to have a candle-lit event, go for soy-based candles instead of ordinary ones. Soy candles don't contain harmful paraffin (derivable from petroleum).

5. Encourage your guests to use alternative transportation
Encourage your guests to carpool (you can encourage a conversation on your FB page), cycle or use public transport to get to your venue. Make sure you provide maps and directions to make it easier for them. You can even create a reward for those that use one method over the other (ex. free entry before a certain time if someone cycles to your event or a free soft drinks for the designated driver when using a carpool option).

6. Provide water refills
Avoid plastic as much as possible. Instead of offering plastic water bottles to attendees, use water pitchers or ask guests to bring their own empty reusable bottles (offer a freebee for bringing one), or if you want to reinforce the brand recognition and up your social media game, you can provide reusable bottles with brand name and hashtag to share.

7. Prefer re-usable decorations
Instead of splashing out on fancy centre-pieces and flower arrangements, use potted plants. Succulents are very much in right now. Extra points? Add labels to the plants encouraging attendees to take small plants home. This way, you don't have to worry about disposing of them.

You see? These are just a few simple solutions for making your event more eco-friendly. Billetto can help you with making your event paperless on the ticket front. This is a good place to start.