6 subtle ideas for a Halloween-themed event

Oct 02 2017

Halloween is just a few sleeps away and while some of us wait impatiently for an entire year to decorate, dress up and perform, some of us are just not as excited about the whole thing. In this case, we have a few Halloween-y ideas that won’t require a ton of effort but will add that little extra festivity factor to your event.

Yoga class

Fill your usual yoga practice with creepy pose interpretations like a wolf, a zombie or a mummy pose. You don’t have to neccesserily invent anything - just think about alternative names for your usual poses or take inspiration from this post.

Extra tip: might as well get the participants to dress up or come over in facepaint if they like & take a group picture for social media (post it on your page, so everyone gets to tag themselves).

Flower arrangement class

While your class usually involves dealing with beautiful flowers, leaves and branches, you can spice it up with some pumpkin hues for the occasion: host a pumpkin-carving class or a special class working with Halloween-themed plants and flowers like physalis, carnivorous plants, moss or thistle.

Speeddate event

A dress-up for the Halloween-themed speeddate event is really a no-brainer (no pun), but you can make it a bit extra challenging by asking the participants to dress up as a “part of another” or something that usually is a pair and see if the magic starts working even before the event begins.

Movie screening

Halloween is the most suitable time for screening all the gore-filled horror, blood-chilling thrillers and dark sci-fi. Want to make sure your guests show up a bit earlier to the event? Serve up some bloody punch and simple snacks before the screening starts.

Cooking class

Think of Halloween flavors for your cooking class: pumpkin, butternut squash, autumn spices and heart-warming dishes. Feeling adventurous? If your guests can stomach a more gore-y theme you can host a class on edible Halloween decorations.

Club event

Fancy-dress party is a must for every club at Halloween. If you offer cocktails at the bar, you might want to theme-them up for the occasion or create a simple punch as an alternative for mixed drinks.

No one likes standing in queues. Avoid disappointment by selling tickets to your event in advance and having a proper check-in system in place: try out Billetto for your next event.