Do you even guest data? 5 tips for finding out exactly who's attending your event

Oct 09 2016

As an event organiser, you probably have an approximate idea of what sort of people are interested in your event. However, when you do a bit of a research and collect extra data, the results might surprise you: your average event attendee might not be who you think he/she is. So, here are a few handy techniques to help you work out your event attendee better to elevate your event promotion game, find more like-minded people to attend your event and stop spending money on advertisements that are targeted at people who are not interested in attending your event.

1. Add an extra information form to your event tickets.
Collect extra information at a checkout. With Billetto you can add a required/non-required field to any ticket (or a batch of tickets) to get extra information about your guests: ask them if they prefer one food over the other for food events, ask them how they found out about your event; ask if they're a student or a business pro for conferences; ask how old they are, ask what interests them most etc. Anything that you might be interested in. This additional information will help you dig into your ideal event guest profile even further.

2. Find out where your guests come from.
Check your ticket sales stats (on Billetto or Google Analytics) and find out where your guests are coming from: was it an effective tweet posted to a Twitter chat or a link from Facebook? Perhaps, someone posted the link to tickets to their website - you should be able to get your hands on this information (and combine it with the information you received from the additional information fields) to add even more dimension to your even attendee profile.

3. Come up with a hashtag for your event.
Come up with a specific hashtag for your event and encourage your event goers to use it before/during the event. See where your hashtag pops up (is it Twitter, is it Instagram?) and check the profiles for people using these hashtags to put faces to Tweets. No social mentions? If your tickets are selling, but people are not using hashtags on social media, perhaps social media is not your promotional channel of choice, and you have to rethink your promotional strategy. If people are not using the hashtag and sales are going slow, think about doing a contest in combination with social media to drive additional sales.

4. Offer a freebee at the event in exchange for extra information.
People want freebees. Want to get extra information about people that have made it to your event? Offer a freebee (a free drink, a free t-shirt, VIP-entrance, a discount) in return for the survey answers. You can create a simple Typeform survey and have a member of staff to get the answers from individuals or create a special message with a "password" that unlocks the offer at the end of a survey.

5. Post-event survey
Want to find out why people have not showed up or to get the feedback on their experience and what could have been done better for the next time? Send a post-event survey. You can use the data from Billetto app to find out which tickets have been scanned and who did not show up and send an appropriate survey after the event. We wrote a short entry with 5 questions you should include in your post-event survey, too.

Ask questions and ask often. This way you'll get to know your event community much better, will enhance your marketing campaigns with personalised messaging for particular groups and get to sell even more tickets for your next event.