The Art of The Follow Up: 5 Tips for Harnessing the Post-Event Hype

Oct 19 2016

Your event is over but your promotional game is far from being finished. Post-event hype is perfect for getting the best feedback on your marketing efforts. Here are just some of the follow-up techniques you should use the moment your event is finished (or, after you've had a breather for a couple of days).

1. Update Facebook Event

One of the easiest and most straight-forward moves is to update your event's Facebook listing. When someone attends or is "interested" in you event, they automatically sign up to receive updates from the Facebook event page - so it makes for a perfect place to post updates during your event promotion and after the event is over.

Create a post with the link to pictures from the event, information on upcoming events or a simple "thank you" or encourage the attendees to like your FB page for more updates (sometimes people that attend your event, don't follow the page updates). If you're organising an event soon, post a few updates about an upcoming event in the old event page to get more visibility and encourage the previous attendees to attend your new event.

2. Follow up on social media mentions

Check Twitter, Instagram and the rest of your socials and reply to as many as possible. Both Instagram and Twitter offer a great search function to search for keywords and hashtags related to your event. Retweet and Regram as much content as possible in order to generate your own content.

Need more pictures from the event? Just ask your followers or run a competition with a giveway for the best event picture.

3. Follow up with email and ask for feedback

If you used Billetto to sell tickets to your event, you can download your event guest list from the "Manage" tab. Send a "Thank You" email and ask your attendees for feedback. You can create a survey, if you're looking for very specific feedback, or just simply ask your attendees to reply to the email. Pro tip: personal works best, even if you're sending an email to a 1000 attendees, it will result in higher opening rate if it appears to be sent from your personal account and written out in a couple simple paragraphs - make it short.

4. Send an an actual mail to most prominent attendees/performers/speakers

Know someone who needs a special mention after your event? Send them a physical "Thank You" note or a goodie bag. Most of the people are so not used to receiving mail anymore, that when it happens - it's a pleasant memorable surprise (unless it's bills).

5. Create a Facebook group for attendees

Especially, if you have a special theme tied to your event, you should create a dedicated Facebook group to gather a community around your event(s). They will also be the ones who will learn about your upcoming events firsthand. The Facebook group can act as a discussion, communication or an update forum - anything that this set of group of people can benefit from, and an easy solution for creating a community forum for your brand.

6. Create an event

Create an event right after an event. No, you don't have to create the same event right away, but one that celebrates your previous (or upcoming) event on a smaller scale: like a meet-up, after-party or session. If you're running a festival, you could arrange a series of smaller gigs with some (or similar) artists; if you organised a Hackaton, you can throw a series of follow-up meet-ups to keep on the innovation burning; if you've organiser a yoga class, organiser post-yoga dinner or tea session for your attendees to socialise and learn more about yoga (fitness).

Want to sell tickets for your next event? Start creating an event with Billetto and create any type of ticket for your upcoming happening.