How to Run A Successful Ticket Giveaway Campaign on Each Social Media Channel

Oct 18 2016

Social media competitions are great for increasing awereness around your event on social, bumping up last-minute sales, and generating extra material to use for your event promotion. As with any social media content, the same contest doesn't always work across all platforms. Learn about the difference for running a competition on each network and try it out for your next event.

1. Facebook

Facebook is the most obvious and simple tool for running your social media competition. You can run a competition on your own page or on the Facebook Event page you created for your event. However, one thing to remember right now is that you cannot request for your audience to share your content on their personal profiles. So, no "Share this post to win" or "Tag your friend to win" competitions. You can always check with Facebook promotion T&Cs for updated terms.

There are several other ways you can run a competition on Facebook: ask people to comment under a competition post or like the competition post or page.

Examples: ask your audience to come up with a caption for a photo; to vote on one option of something or the other; to comment who they would like to go to the event with; to say why they deserve to win; to comment with a funniest meme; to comment with a most appropriate GIF reaction and anything else you could think of.

2. Twitter

When running a Twitter competition, always make sure you have a proper hashtag in place. The clearer the better. You can tap into various Twitter Chats to enhance your competition awareness or use hashtags like #WIN or #COMPETITION at the start of your tweet to catch attention. In terms of action for completion, ask your followers to create a funny tweet using a special hashtag (like #ReplaceBandNamesWithFood and pick a funniest Tweet); you can also ask to RT & follow your account or post a tweet with a picture/gif specific to your event.

Example: Innocent ran a Twitter competition during 2012 Olympics where they encouraged their followers to tweet who would they like to take to particular Olympic performances with them using a hashtag #TweetForASeat.

3. Instagram

Instagram is less restrictive for competitions than Facebook. You can encourage Instagram users to post a picture with a particular content based around your event and use a hashtag and tag your Instagram profile in order to win. If you have an ongoing series of events, this is a great way to run a competition for the duration of all of your events, so it becomes something that your event goers know about (and tell others about). For example, you can have an ongoing photo competition where users post a creative picture of your logo with a winner announced each week. This is also a brilliant way to get content for your own social media by sharing across platforms (just make sure that you outline the fact that you're going to be using pictures in your own efforts in T&Cs).

Example: NastyGal asked their followers to take a picture with a stranger and use a hashtag #StrangerSeflies and #NastyGalTruthOrDare in order to win a NastyGal gift card.

4. Snapchat

Snapchat is a great tool for running social media contests if you already have an established audience. You can also use Instagram Stories in the same way, or use both to see which one returns the best results. Use Snapchat (or Stories) for live contests where the audience has to act right away (like a quest, see example below) or for a photo contest, where your followers can send you snaps with filters or with their face swapped with someone or something (you can screenshot these and use for other social media activities, just remember to mention this before you start your contest).

Example: World Surfing League ran a treasure-hunt type of a competition during one of the bigger surf contests. Every few minutes they would snap a picture of a rash vest sitting somewhere in the vicinity on the beach where the contest was taking place and the followers could find it, if they were at the beach. This is a great way to keep your attendees engaged during your event as well - let them explore your venue or the location and leave with something extra in tow.

5. Email

Use email to run an exclusive competition for your current subscribers. You can encourage them to forward your mail to their friends or enter them in a series of mails in order to complete a series of objectives and win something at the end. or grow your email list by encouraging your audience to sign up to your newsletter via links in your socials. Use to track the links you're sharing to see where your audience is coming from.

Examples: You can pick up some great examples of running competitions for growing your email lists on the Mailchimp blog.

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