5 Skillshare Courses to Boost Your Social Media Promotion Game

Oct 01 2016

In honor of #Blogtober we have decided to roll with the idea and publish a post every day to help you - the event organiser - to run, manage, market and sell your event better.

And since the first day of this #Blogtober shenanigans falls on Saturday, we thought we'd start with something that will give you an opportunity to learn a new skill or a few over the weekend so you can enhance your marketing game with a new set of tools come Monday.

Skillshare is an amazing resource for learning new tricks of trade, no matter what skill you're looking to hone. We've picked up 5 excellent practical marketing tutorials full of tricks you must add to your marketing strategy pronto.

  1. Email Marketing Essentials.
    Designing Effective Emails course offers some stellar tips from MailChimp's own Email Developer and Designer.
  2. Getting Started with Twitter for Business.
    Even if you're already using Twitter and loving it, this course is full of great tips how to maximise your Twitter efforts.
  3. How to Create Amazing Instagram Video Quotes in PowerPoint.
    Not a designer? No idea how Photoshop works? Create a simple graphic Instagram video with PowerPoint in under 20 minutes.
  4. How to Promote your Event on Facebook.
    Even though Facebook layout has been updated since this course has been released, these videos are full of wonderful tips for using
    Facebook Events option to promote your event. Just remember to add your Billetto event link to the "Tickets" section when you're done with creating your description ;).
  5. 5 Killer Snapchat Marketing Ways.
    Tempted to start using Snapchat to promote your events? This course runs through 5 awesome ways to get you started - give it a shot.

Phew! Day 1 of #Blogtober done! See you tomorrow?