5 Actionable Video Talks to Improve Your Event Communication

Oct 04 2016

Taking its name from Thomas Edison's famous quote "Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration", 99U is one of the greatest resources for actionable insights from some of the most prominent figures in creative community. We've picked up 5 videos from the 99U library full of ideas for action you can use when communicating with your community and promoting your next event.

1. Gary Vaynerchuk: Stop Storytelling Like it's 2007
"Give people value & great stories, give them an animated GIF that just makes them laugh, say "Happy Monday", it's fine. You don't need a business subjective for every piece of creative, because we don't live in the world where it's just about the campaigns."

2. Jonathan Perelman: Content Is King, But Distribution Is Queen
"We live in the world where all different kinds of content comes in one go at once in one feed." How to create social content for your brand.

3. Joshua Klein: Invest in Your Network & Your Network Will Invest in You
"Think of your customers as actual people and think of your product in the term of the relationship it creates."

4. Alex Blumberg: Your Best Selling Points Are the Mistakes You've Made
Embrace your mistakes and tell a transparent, human story.

5. Rochelle King: Your Biggest Rival is Your Best Asset
Learn how becoming comfortable with conflict will help you grow and learn the most.