10 Proven Tactics to Have Your Event Shared More on Social Media

Oct 11 2016

Want to create a buzz around your event, but not sure where to start? There are many tricks that organisers use to get people excited and talking about your event more. Here are just 10 of them:


1. Use a dedicated #Hashtag
if you're going to use social media (and you should) to promote your event - use a simple hashtag that your attendees can use to talk about it. Make sure to include the hashtag on all the pictures you share, all correspondence that goes out to your event attendees and on tickets that your event attendees receive. Whatever to takes to make the hashtag more visible and easy to get hold of. Make sure you monitor the hashtag daily and engage with people that share it (more on that below).

2. Take part in Twitter Chats
Twitter Chats are great for building community and spreading a word about your local events + getting people to share information about your event. Some Twitter Chats accept sponsorships too, so if you have any freebies to give away for your event, you might want to get in touch with Twitter chat organisers and see if they could include you in the next giveaway. Some of the most notable chats in UK #UKBizHour, #UKBizLunch, and one of the most outstanding in Ireland is #IrishBizParty.

3. Arrange a competition
Run a competition, but make it interesting. People generally don't like seeing posts with the same picture on their social feeds. Request people to share the funniest Face-swap picture, run a best photo caption competition or ask to take a picture with a flyer or any of your event's most notable promotional pieces - and remind them to use the hashtag for that.

4. Share Behind-the scenes content
This applies to both before/during the event and some of the "after" too. Share pictures from the event venue being decorated, about a speaker arriving to the event, the band rehearsing, tools getting ready for the workshop or interesting facts about the things one is going to see during a guided tour. Think outside the box (in this case "the box" is your event). A lot of this content is going to be shared, when you make it easy to share - this is great for Twitter and Facebook.


5. Hire a photographer
People like seeing themselves at an event. Hire a photographer and ask him/her to watermark your event pictures with the hashtag you choose - this is important since people like to tag themselves in pictures, as much as "borrowing" pictures from socials for the use on their socials without a mention. If you have a tasteful watermark on the picture, you will get a better chance for your brand to be recognised on the picture.

Extra tip: if your budget allows it, hire a video producer. Video work wonders for your social media engagement.

6. Organise a photo booth
Photo booths are always fun and people know that they have taken a picture at your event - so they will be looking for it on socials. Some of the photo booth set ups will provide an option to add your brand identity on them (if they're instant pictures), otherwise a photographer can add these in post-production before you're ready to share.

7. Share content from speakers/performers/special guests
Share quotes, phrases, lyrics or any other notable pieces of information your attendees learn during your event. Quotes are a highly-shareable piece of content.


8. Share memories for a perk
Encourage your attendees to share their memories on social for a chance to get a perk for your next event (a free drink, a discount, a ticket etc.).

9. Ask for feedback
Ask your attendees for feedback on social - this way you'll learn about the experience your guests got on a day and also get to spread the word about your events for the future.


10. Engage & re-share
Got a mention on Twitter? Like it and re-tweet it, you can use apps for Instagram to "re-gram" great images shared with your hashtag (more content!) and share public Facebook mentions on your Facebook event wall. Make sure you also reply to as many mentions as possible to keep the conversation going on creating a community around your event.

Ready to get buzzing? Try out at least one of these tips today and see where it takes you.